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Gambler brand products!

Gambler Table Tennis is the world's fastest growing table tennis brand. We pride ourselves on the quality and value of our products. 

Gambler is a premium table tennis manufacturer listed with the International Table Tennis Federation as an approved brand. We have been developing products for over 2 decades, with on staff engineers and our own modern factory. We are not your typical OEM brand but a true pioneer in composition and development. Gambler has an edgy image coupled with fantastic performance that has made it one of the fastest growing table tennis brands worldwide 

The founder and owner of Gambler, Tom Kueneman, has been a product developer and marketing consultant for top Table Tennis brands since 1995. In 1998, he launched an exclusive line of Gambler table tennis blades, and in 2001 Gambler became an ITTF approved brand.  

Recently we have focused on Gambler product development, and in 2017 the Gambler factory facility in China was founded. In 2018, we entered into a contractual agreement with the most exclusive sponge manufacturer in Japan, giving Gambler the accreditation of being the first company to use this quality outside of Japan and Germany.  During 2019, we launched the highest performing rubbers utilizing exclusively engineered Japanese Oh-Toro sponge, putting Gambler Table Tennis in the same performance category as the “Big Three” of Table Tennis, and added high power cell sponge to become the fastest growing independent professional table tennis brand. 

For 2020 and beyond, Gambler Table Tennis will continue to tirelessly pursue performance and perfection in the Table Tennis industry; this is our passion and our promise to our customers. 

What the costly brands are not telling you!
Players will experience little to no change when switching between professional brands regardless of cost or the crazy marketing. We have products that are appropriate for first time beginners or ITTF ranked professionals.




We will assemble any bat and rubber combinations that you purchase at no charge - just ask for assembly in your customer notes!

The only thing we will not assemble is topsheet to rubber.




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