• Paul L. - 18 Jan 2016

    Great ALL wood blade! The construction/finish is 5 stars, I am personally not a fan of the round logo (thus the 4 star review). I bought one for hard bat and loved the feel so much I got one for my inverted bat.

  • Jessie from NY - 18 Jan 2016

    Scary good quality for 16 bucks. I mean my 100+USD blades don't come with a sealer, I was shocked a blade in this price bracket had such a nice finish, currently using it for my "defensive" bat with thin sponge and it works great

  • Joe M. - 04 Feb 2016

    Nice blade. Light weight with reasonable flex. Pairs up well with CCT National Strike and Dawai Inspirirt to make a good looping set-up. Speed's about All+ so control is also there.

  • Jing L - 08 Mar 2016

    Previously used the KTL instinct for my students, this blade is superior in every way, quality finish and feeling, not saying the KTL blade is bad just stating this blade is far superior for the same $$.