• Michael B. - 06 Dec 2016

    This is a very good rubber. I love it on my backhand. Very controllable with great speed when needed. Excellent blocking, good spin, just very nice feel and play.

  • Stephanie - 27 Dec 2016

    I love this rubber, it is the best ever. :)

  • Steve - 02 Apr 2017

    Good light rubber for the price, nice touch and spin. Lacks the power to be my forehand rubber. It would probably work on my backhand, but I prefer the extra control of Reflectoid.

  • Jandroep - 02 Dec 2017

    Bought this rubber and slapped it on the Fire Touch. The pace on this blade is slow, however for counter looping its excellent. Low arc making it consistent in this department. Blacks well, short counter loops perfect BUT The spin in a killing shot is medium. On the BH plays well off the table in lobs, but close to table using this particular blade it seems not to have sufficient bounce (dead feeling) . I rate this rubber as follows: Feeling: 8.0, Spin: 6.5 Control (FH 8.5 BH 6.5)