• Steve - 20 May 2018

    The Vector Target a fast blade, much faster than the fire dragon touch, and even faster than the wingwood IM8, I would rate it around 87, not close to an 77(ALL+) as listed. It's also a fairly stiff blade, not a mid/high flex. The inner ayous core makes up the majority of the blade, it's probably close to 5mm in thickness, and it sure seems like the ayous dominates the play characteristics of the blade. The ayous description on the OOAK forums describe this blade perfectly: " it is a lightweight, stiff wood that is excellent for close-to-the-table counterdrive play". Combine that with the ZLC, and it's a fast attacker blade. Given it's speed it has a really amazing amount of control for blocks, drives, counter-drives, and over the table loop kills. For spin shots though, it requires near perfect execution, lacking in control and margin for error for loops and pushes. 5 star blade with intriguing possibilities, but with an inaccurate description