• Brett Dwyer - 14 Mar 2019

    This ball is extremely durable, and I have not had one crack after weeks of hard play. When you figure in the price it is a great value!

  • J-man - 02 Aug 2018

    These synthetic balls carry the spin much farther than the cheapies we used to buy. Noticeable increase in ball movement the longer the ball hangs and excellent roundness / concentricity. Recommend.

  • david g. - 16 Aug 2018

    This is Gambler's first ball that carries the ITTF Approval. All 36 balls of my first order were very round with no noticeable wobble! No ball breaks after two weeks training use. I rate this ball as better than the G Butterfly and the Nittaku Premium!

  • Richard - 06 Oct 2018

    Just tried this ball and found it to play as well as a high priced Nittaku. Is better than the Nittaku J ball for training and less money. As a result, I now use this as my practice ball. Has a solid feel and sound and have not had one crack yet. Highly recommend.