• Mike T - 26 Feb 2019

    BE CAREFUL. There is one side with the decal on it and if you affix that side to the paddle, it will peel off onto your rubber and is extremely difficult to remove. I wish the logo wasn't there.

  • Nicky T - 03 Mar 2019

    VERY sticky. I was glad to find that this foil is much stickier than other brands I have used. So much so that I now place them on a plexiglass sheet to keep them clean while playing. At first I had put the sticky sides together, as I had with my old foils. This made it almost impossible to pull apart without damaging the foils with creases (luckily, I had bought extras). They do become less sticky with age but retain a good adhesion. I clean them periodically with dish detergent to remove dust and rubber pull-off that accumulates on the sticky surface. With respect to the logo coming off on your rubber, every foil I've tried has this issue. A friend gave me a tip: write your initials on the logo side in permanent marker. You'll not make the mistake.