• Paul B. - 20 Dec 2019

    So to disclose this, I received a free sheet in 2.1mm as a giveaway. I also purchased a sheet each in red and black after some play time with the first one. I have 2 blades, a one-ply hinoki with the black, and a 5 ply blade with 2 kevlar layers that has the red on it. Having used Nine Ultra Tack for over a year, I wasn't sure how I would like a purely mechanical rubber. First impression is its ease of use, and its speed (also its lighter than the NineUT). It excels at blocking, driving, and hitting. Pushes are surprisingly easy as well. Slower, spinny loops aren't as good as the NineUT, and lifting against backspin is also not as simple, but if you hit hard, this rubber will reward you with great loop drives. It plays like a toned down version of T64, including the lower arc (the speed is accurately mentioned as between Sriver and Tenergy). So far the black sheet has about 30hrs of play time, feels exactly the same. The red sheet felt different out of the package, slightly tacky, but after a few hits it went away and played similar to the black. Its a great value, and it shines in its ease of use compared to its performance. Definitely better when used aggressively, the more you put into it, the more it gives in return. Given I prefer hybrid and tacky rubbers, generally, this was something I didn't think I would enjoy using but its my new favorite backhand rubber!