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  • Steve S. - 26 Jan 2018

    Probably my current favorite inverted rubber. Out of the package I'd say as tacky as H3, which is saying something, but without the quality assurance problems I think DHS has. I've never had a Gambler rubber bubble on me after gluing or tuning. This rubber is very similar to Friendship's Geospin Tacky. Out of the package, you can pick a ball off the table and hold it indefinitely. This sponge I'd classify as medium to borderline soft. It's not a firm sponge. Gambler's new thors hammer is a firm sponge. Battle 2, which is also tacky, is on a firm sponge. This one is not. So if you want something firmer (ie- more power but less forgiving spin wise on softer shots), I'd look elsewhere. But if you want a good speed rubber with big spin that is forgiving, this is a great option. I've played it on the forehand but I think it could also make an excellent backhand rubber. The sponge is slightly softer than Geospin Tacky. Again very similar to that rubber I think. The nice thing about this rubber with that medium sponge is that even after some of the tack wears off, the ball will still sink in the sponge allowing you spin the ball up very easily. So this rubber will have a long life in it's ability to generate spin and that's nice.