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  • Darren Tang - 06 Sep 2015

    this is one of the best Japanese rubber substitute I have been able to find. It provides strong spin, good control/feel, and reasonably good power. Whenever the Chinese manufacturer tries to produce a Japanese/mechanical spin kind of rubber they tend to compromise too many things. Most commonly the spin and arc are very poor so the rubber is difficult to control despite good bounce. Others are very soft but lacking in spin as well as power. In general, all Chinese rubber disrupts the vibration/feel of the paddle in a bad way so for that reason no professionals use Chinese rubber on both sides (the japanese/euro rubber improves the vibration). The rapid series managed to keep the power, spin, and control at a reasonable performance for a mechanical spin kind of rubber. The feel is still not as good as Japanese/German rubber, but it is not so bad that it disrupts your stroke. For 14 dollars, I don't know if you can do better than this.