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  • Brad - 17 Mar 2016

    I have ordered 3 of these rubbers (i figured I would boost one to hell and back to test, keep one normal, and have one as a backup.) It is not nearly as tacky as h3 neo or skyline. Unboosted it feels pretty dead and trust me, i am used to playing with chinese rubbers, hard and tacky. I have only used 2 layers of falco booster and it plays pretty well. I feel like it needs a fast blade to perform with any real speed away from the table. Originally I had this on my Yasaka Extra Offensive, but it was so slow... and i mean slow... like really slow... I threw it on my clipper and it played pretty well, not crazy fast, but great spin on serves and the push to loop was great... very spinny and easily placed on the table. 4/5 not bad for 14$ would recommend to someone looking to try out a chinese style rubber and didnt want too tacky of a topsheet OR to someone that is new coming from a premade paddle, they will notice more prominent spin but not as crazy increase in speed which could be a nice transition. ~1650 USATT rating if that helps