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  • Joel - 14 Nov 2016

    Greetings, I have been using this one for a few months and I must say I'm impressed. An excellent BH rubber (in my opinion) when paired with a moderate or OFF- blade. A good FH rubber. I have handed this bat to a number of people and they all seem to agree that the control is fantastic. It only took about 4 hours of playing to break in. Glued easily, but the trimming process was a bit of a chore with this rubber. This rubber is excellent for receiving heavy spin on serves. I play with some 30-40 year veterans that know every trick in the book, and I seem to stay in the point more often. On the backhand, It blocks like a champ, and I'm able to place chops/cuts while keeping the ball low. When I turn the bat around I find the forehand very predictable, but I need a near-prefect stroke to get the mount of spin I'm accustomed to. If anything it is forcing me to be back off and focus more on technique. I wish I would have had settled on this rubber when I purchased my first custom bat. I would have saved me some heartache. For my next purchase, I was looking to buy the Hurricane Neo III for the forehand, however, the rubber quality here has me considering the BATTLE II, which is a tackier version.