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  • Jeremy M. - 08 Sep 2015

    I've used this rubber for a couple months now and really enjoy it. It's a little too fast for my BH, but it has great feel and blocks very well. I've used it more on my FH actually, although it was designed as a BH rubber. On the FH, it's amazing. Very fast and spinny with good feel and a great sound when you step into a drive. It's not too sensitive to incoming spin, and I would say that it does most things very well. It's definitely not a slow Chinese-style rubber. I gave it four stars because the sponge is somewhat crumbly to work with, and it's a challenge to glue down onto your blade. If you peel it off to reglue it, it curls up like a potato chip and is a nightmare to flatten out when glued again. Other than that, it's a solid rubber that I would recommend to people that have good control over their game and are not primarily defensive players. A great value when compared to T05 or other top level Japanese style rubbers!