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  • wayne c. - 08 Sep 2019

    I bought this preassembled with mec tek on both sides for my college program as standard issue. I actually play penhold pips, but train my college students SH and SH I am around16-1700. I have a Firedragon Hinoki with Milkyway Sun FH Moon BH I play SH with. AC Hero rated 91 speed, Firedragon 90. But the Firedragon is much faster and stiffer. AC Hero has a vibration feedback. FD does not. FD is a smashing paddle you have to use a shorter armed elbow closing motion to loop. AC Hero you can use an extended arm turning into motion loop. Against topspin from a Newgy you'll have to get on top of the ball quickly and keep the angle closed otherwise it will hit long. BH with a short up at the table jabbing backhand, lots of control. Using the elbow as a fulcrum very similar to FH oth spinning and smashing. Close the angle get above the ball. On backspin, if you have reasonably good technique and timing its quite easy to attack backspin. I dialed the Newgy back to have human level backspin. FH and BH, get slightly more behind the ball keep the angle slightly closed, lots of control, not that fast but a good kick. This combination is defiantly good for intermediate and probably rank beginners because it has lots of control and sufficient speed, pretty easy to attack backspin. I give it 4 stars only because a better SHder can probably exploit it better.