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  • Stephanie S. - 11 Dec 2017

    For people who prefer to have more spin and good control, this is really a good choice. You might also find that you can be more aggressive using this rubber to finish the point. Before I switched to this rubber, I had been using Hurricane Neo for 3 years and Tennergy on and off. I could get a good amount of spin but couldn't get enough power or speed when I need to finish the point. After I switched to Burst, I was very glad to find that I have been able to still generate a lot of spin and I am also able to swing more forward into the ball when I attack. Especially if you boost the rubber using the Gambler Pre Tune, it's giving me the Tennergy speed and power. I have boosted my rubber and been playing with it everyday for two months including the Joola Team tournament, it starts to feel a little dead only recently. Compared to other rubbers, especially fast rubbers, after you play with it everyday for a month during the tournament month, they are more or less dead. But you can get this good quality from Burst and it lasts even longer than a lot of rubbers, and it's only a half or may be 1/5 of the cost.