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  • tk13 - 15 Nov 2019

    I really, really like this blade. I was apprehensive to try a carbon blade after hearing about how they mute feedback, etc., but was very pleasantly surprised. I've used it with Burst Thor's Hammer on FH, and Big Gun Thor's Hammer/Nine Ultra-Tack BH, and it has paired well with all of them. Ball feel and perceived dwell time are very, very good and better than a few all-wood blades I've tried. Control is great, you can really feel the hinoki grab the ball. I think my favorite part about this blade is that it's subdued on slower strokes, but responds in kind to more powerful strokes. Pushes, serves, and brush loops don't feel like the blade is terribly fast; but loopdrives, counterloops, blocks, and smashes are pretty dang quick. As always, fit and finish are A+. The blade is pretty and the edges are well-manicured. Nothing sharp and no splinters.