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  • W.C. - 17 Sep 2017

    I normally play penhold short pips with a fast kevlar paddle, but teach my students to play SH and sometimes play SH. So take this for what it is worth. The build quality is very high. The edges are just a bit sharp at the throat of the paddle. This is supposed to be the medium speed of the trio, but it is solid, stiff, high dense tone, which is typical of carbon/aralyte. I paired this with Milkyway Sun 2.2 and Moon 2.2. In this combo it is not a looper's paddle, it is pure smash and hit. If you have the control you can loop but not a ripping point winning loop ( but remember I am not actually a SH). It's more like a Chinese rubber style spinny smash. Despite its speed and stiffness, you get a controlled block with a low throw, and a push/flip short game as well. The moon give a slightly easier time looping mid-distance. The Sun goes a bit long, for me at least. If you want and can handle raw power; this is it.