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  • Paolo A. - 06 Apr 2018

    Full disclosure: I've gotten a set of this rubber for free as part of a Facebook offer, but I'll give it as honest of a review as I can. I've put the set on the Fire Dragon Fast, with the black side boosted, and the red side unboosted. I don't feel much difference between the boosted and unboosted sides, most probably because of the blade. I did notice that some cracks developed on the boosted side after a few days, so I'm not so sure whether boosting this rubber is worth the hit in durability. I did play a bit with Tenergy 64 before, and this rubber's bounciness reminds me of the Tenergy's. For $14 a side, that's saying a lot. Compared with the Big Gun with Thor's Hammer, Hurricane III, and Hurricane 8, this rubber is simply better even without boosting than all three of them. I do think the H3 is a close second to this rubber, but the H3 lacks the feel of this rubber upon ball contact, and it's a dust magnet. This rubber is my new favorite among the rubbers on Zeropong until they make something better. It's nice that Zeropong gave me the chance to try the rubber out for free, but I'll gladly get another set on my dime. I suggest trying out this rubber without boosting first if you already have a fast blade or just want the rubber to last longer.