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  • Christian P. - 10 Nov 2018

    I give this 5 stars because of its versatility. I bought this (black max thickness) for a loner paddle that was in dire need of a FH rubber but I put it on my primorac first to try how it felt. Out of the box the rubber played slower then Xiom and was good for drives and short game. The loops were very slow compared to what I was used to. It also didn't have as many gears as Xiom. To be honest I was not impressed enough out of the box to consider it a replacement. I then but 2 layers of baby oil on the foam and 1 on the topsheet. After this I was wow’d by the difference. I was so impressed that I just left it as my FH and decided to put my Xiom on the loner since it was about 3/4 done. With the booster this plays almost identical to Xiom and feels great. This might be my future rubber depending on how long it holds up. I really enjoy this rubber boosted. It has gears and really speed up. I just ordered Big Gun Thor's hammer only to see if I could find something I wouldn't have to tune/boost. I like that you can tune to your liking. You can add layers to just the foam and get a little more speed, or both foam and topsheet for a little speed and grip, or more to the foam for even more speed. I wouldn't add more then 2 layers to foam and 1 to topsheet as more would most likely make it unusable. most rubbers fall apart if you overboost them ie they bubble and the topsheet starts to separate. But for 14$ and a little work this is an unbelievable value. A big plus is the AMAZING customer service that Zeropong has. I usually just buy the Gambler balls since i think they are the best value/quality out there period. But I always recommend them to friends since they do have great products at a great attainable price. They have always worked with them and resolved any issues. My setup and style of play: I use an all wood Primorac from the 90’s which I acquired in 2003 and started with Tenergy and moved to Xiom IV Pro max thickness for FH and BH for the last few years. I am a looper, mid distance, player. I don't EJ and stick to what I like for consistency. If it makes a difference I use elmers rubber cement to glue my rubbers.