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  • Andrew K. - 26 Nov 2018

    USATT rating is 1165. I am a beginning developing player. Timo Boll All around BH MT Predator 1.7, FH MT Predator 1.9. Gambler informed me that the hardness was between 45-47 and that the 1.7 was closer to 1.8. I found great control overall from the set up. What it lacked in speed I was forced to develop my technique and hit harder and harder and harder which has been a huge confidence boost to my game. The spin was exceptional in all area’s, looping, service, serve recieve. I thought T05 actually was more spinny, with less control, I’m sure that is my skill level. I like the fact that it is available in 1.7 up to the max. This makes changing rubber as I develop fairly simple being able to stay in the family of rubber. I highly recommend this rubber to beginners who want to develop their game and be able to measure that development based on their setup. Major bonus that the cost of the rubber is $14. It certainly is more durable than Tenergy at 1/5 of the cost. Cost does not equal quality, which Gambler educated me on, and delivered with MT Predator.