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  • Justin N. - 07 Feb 2019

    First of all, I can't say enough about the incredible customer service. When I received my bat with Aces Pro rubber I was unhappy because it didn't suit my style at all. It's much tackier than I was used to. The folks at Zeropong really educated me on which rubber I would like and they were happy to change it for me at their location. I experimented with Mek Tech Predator rubber because it was on a friend's racket at my local club. I absolutely loved it. It has way more pop and bounce than I'm used to but it grips the ball so well that it's still putting my shots on the table. I think it's a perfect transition rubber for someone going from their first set up to more advanced equipment. I tried Tenergy 80 and 05 the week prior and I can agree that this rubber is very comparable.