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  • TSDTim - 22 Feb 2020

    This might be my new favorite rubber. I usually play with hurricane on my forehand. I tried tuning it recently to improve my experience with it. This rubber plays better than by pro blue sponge after tuning the blue sponge. It handles slow pushing nicely. The speed picks up quickly when I hit with it. I get crushing spin from my bigger swings without sacrificing speed. The throw angle is slightly above medium so perfect for my forehand. Gives some safety to get over the net but I can still hit low and fast with confidence when I want to. I can really feel the ball sink in and explode away. The rubber is supple but feels like it will last. Only complaint is that I like hard sponges usually and this one is a little soft for me, but I still really enjoy it. Maybe in the future there will be harder options in this sponge, then I'll definitely be stocking up on this. I tried flipping it around for backhand and it still played easy. Can do everything I need it to do. I'm considering using it for both sides. I'm very impressed.