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  • TSDTim - 22 Feb 2020

    Pretty good rubber. For me, the ratings seems to be more like 90 speed, 95 spin, 85 control. Capable of nice speed but requires some effort. Using on my backhand on a gambler fire touch. It has solid feel. On heavy brush shots I can really feel the grip, easy to get the ball to sink in. Many gears, but I'm struggling with the softer touch shots where the speed is nice and slow. Will take some adjustment for backhand. Tried switching it around and I think it would be a pretty good forehand rubber, but I prefer super tacky instead. Throw angle on soft shots is medium but it can pick up higher when I start hitting through. I have a couple sheets of the last generation with thors hammer sponge that I haven't tried. Looks like there is a difference in the rubber in this generation. Softer maybe. Overall I like it, much better than I expected. Much better than the mech tek that I tried a year ago.